A beautiful and touching story about fate, life and how a bit creativity in only 8 characters can have an influence to your life.

In the US a software developer dared to make an experiment: 100 Dollar or a cheap laptop, books and lessons in how to code - this was the offer to a homeless back in August 2013.

Im Jahr 2006 veröffentliche Daniel Suarez unter dem Pseudonym Leinad Zeraus, ein Anagramm auf seinen Namen, seinen Erstlingsroman **Daemon** (2010 in Deutschland erschienen im Rowohlt-Taschenbuch-Verlag, ``ISBN 978-3-499-25245-7``). 2010 folgte die Fortsetzung, der zweite und letzte Teil der Daemon-Buchreihe mit dem Titel **Darknet** (engl. Original: **Freedom**, 2011 in Deutschland erschienen, ebenfalls im Rowohlt-Taschenbuch-Verlag, ``ISBN 978-3-499-25244-0``).

Michael Schumacher, seven time F1 world champion got out of coma and was transfered to a rehab clinic.

Photographer Chris Helgren used the D-Day-anniversary of Operation Overlord and pictures, which were taking during the invasion of the Normandy in 1944, as an opportunity to do the same pictures at the exact same places 70 years later.

Das Tempelhofer Feld bleibt in seiner aktuellen Form frei und wird nicht bebaut, wie es Pläne der schwarz-roten Landesregierung unter Wowereit (SPD) vorsahen.

I am not the first and won't likely be the last one who has to realize that his (or her) life as a programmer is not as clean, structured and logical as it might look like in the first place.

Formula 1 legend and record world champion Michael Schumacher suffered severe injuries at a skiing accident yesterday 11 AM in Meribel. Due to severe head injuries his condition is still critical and life-threatening.