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Yesterday it was publicly announced that Jules Bianchi died friday of the severe head injuries he sustained 9 months ago at the Japanese Grand Prix in October 2014.

Last weekend Nelson Pique Jr., son of Nelson Piquet, a three-times Formula 1 World Champion, and himself a former Formula 1 race driver who made 28 races for the Renault Formula 1 team between 2008 and 2009, won the first driver's Championship at the Formula E.

Nico Hülkenberg, Nick Tandy and Earl Bamber, formerly the least-favoured Prosche trio, put in an amazing performance and are the first rookie winners for 17 years.

"In my breast there beats a Boxer heart" still said Fritz Sdunek November this year. But now it beats no more. The trainer legend, who formed the Klitschko brothesr and made them knockout machines, died of heart attack in Hamburg. He was only 67 years old.

Michael Schumacher, seven time F1 world champion got out of coma and was transfered to a rehab clinic.

Formula 1 legend and record world champion Michael Schumacher suffered severe injuries at a skiing accident yesterday 11 AM in Meribel. Due to severe head injuries his condition is still critical and life-threatening.