DragonFly BSD release42 ready for download

The DragonFly BSD team announced yesterday the immediate availability of the new 4.2.0 major version.

Yet another 42

After the working title openSUSE 42 for the new upcoming stable release of openSUSE Linux this is yet another open source operating system that has a 42 and therefore a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in it's release version.


Significant improvements were made at Intel and Radeon graphics support. 2D and 3D acceleration are now available for most Intel cards and some AMD GPUs.

Additionally the project switched to GCC 5.1.1 as the new base compiler, replacing GCC 4.7.4 which will be available as a backup compiler.

DragonFly BSD furthermore got an update of the audio system as well, which is taken from FreeBSD 11 to improve on sound quality and gain support for new chipsets.

With the ipfw3 packet filter there is another FreeBSD port, where it is called ipfw2.

Another unique feature to DragonFly BSD is the HAMMER file system which received some love as well. Cleanups of code and documentation goes hand in hand with some minor bug fixes.

The list of changes and improvements do not end at that point, for more information on that topic I recommend to you the release announcement.

Update on HAMMER2 status

Some other interesting updates are announced on the progress which was achieved on the HAMMER2 development. It's stated that 95% of the core code has been completed at least for single-image operation. This includes functionality like snapshots, compression and more.

Some words by Matthew Dillon on HAMMER2:

Work is progressing on the clustering piece. Since the clustering is really the whole point, I am not going to release HAMMER2 until it is operational.

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