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2018 starts with a big chip-level bug making headlines which Google researchers already found and reported in June 2017.

Such a problem should not happen to a real pro in computer technology, but unfortunately we are only human beings. That's what made me exidentially reformate the EFI Boot Partition while installing Fedora 26 lately. And here is how to recover your Windows data on the EFI Boot Partition!

A dream comes true; a smartphone focused on security and privacy and fully based on open source technology.

A transition from Windows to Linux is not always an easy undertaking, especially when you used to get the work done with Microsoft software and saved the work into it's proprietary file formats. Outlook is no exception from that rule. But luckily their is a solution available.

I recently had a discussion on Facebook in the openSUSE users group at Facebook about the reasons why we prefer openSUSE over other distributions like Ubuntu.

Now it is officially released: Milestone 1 for openSUSE Leap 42.1!

The openSUSE project announced that work has started on a completely new openSUSE release.

On February 6th all romours turned out to be true: Philip Newborough announced the End of his distribution CrunchBang Linux.

The openSUSE project has released a new version of the equily named Linux distribution. Version 13.2, codenamed 'Harlequin' was officially released today. The OS offers the Linux Kernel version 3.16.6 and KDE Plasma 4.11.12 with the KDE Software Compilation 4.14.2, GNOME 3.14.1, XFCE 4.10, LXDE 0.55, Enlightenment 19 (0.19.0) and Awesome 3.4.15. It can be downloaded from the official download page at as a 4.7 GB Installation DVD ISO image.

Nach der Bekanntgabe, dass die Factory Repositories nun als vollwertige Rolling Release Distrubution verwendet werden können, folgt nun der nächste Schritt: Tumbleweed und Factory werden zusammgeführt.