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About Image Born 1985 in Berlin, I am Software Developer, Blogger, Author, Open Source Enthusiast, openSUSE contributor and passionate openSUSE Leap user.

I studied Computer Science at the TU Berlin and Applied Computer Science at the HTW Berlin. I left both without a degree, started working as a Programmer and eventually finished an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in software development. Since then I am working as a software developer on web applications. Beyond the obvious interest in computer science I am interested in literature, politics, sports and much more. All this has it's influence on the blog.

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Mistakes and errors

I am no native English speaker therefore I am always thankful for corrections of misspelled words, grammatical errors or any other mistake you might find. As software always has bugs it's nothing different with articles and other publications.

Corrections are welcome to the address of: correction@crowbyte.org.

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