The Author

Born 1985 in Berlin, software developer and a passionate user of open source software and operating systems.

After studying computer science at the TU Berlin and the HTW Berlin an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development. Since then I am working in the domain of web applications in the first place. Beyond my work as a software developer I deal with more IT topics, literature, politics and some more, which all have it's influence on the blog.

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This website is of private nature and distributed by me, Pierre Böckmann. I am working in the domain of web applications, am an open source enthusiast and love to write about every day issues from time to time which I consider worth to be shared with a broader audiance than only talking about it with friends and colleagues.

This includes many topics like experiences I made with tools and services at work and / or at home involving development or administrative tasks. But it does not end with that and exceeds these barriers by far. As I see fit I will address recent topics out of politics, sports and what ever else might come to my mind.

Additionally I will serve information on projects of my own and contributions to projects from the open source world.

Mistakes and errors

I am no native English speaker therefore I am always thankful for corrections of misspelled words, grammatical errors or any other mistake you might find. As software always has bugs it's nothing different with articles and other publications.

Corrections are welcome to the address of: correction@crowbyte.org.

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