Welcome to crowbyte.org!

crowbyte.org (as well as .de/.com/.it) was launched in late 2013 as a very small and simple blog by Pierre Böckmann. After a relaunch in mid 2015 based on the page generator Nikola it is now powered by October CMS and expexted to further evolve into something more although I, the author, still have figure out what that should be. ;)

Until then, feels free to read and discover all corners of what crowbyte has to offer.

Latest articles from the Blog

I am proud to announce the launch of the new crowbyte.org websites.

I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry Passport since more than a year now and have been extremely satisfied with this device. But the latest update of the Facebook app and the announcements around Facebook for BlackBerry 10 and WhatsApp leave me with some frustration.

Today a new major release of the Gnome desktop environment has been released. It is the first time that I announce that on my Blog because I used it on openSUSE Tumbleweed in version 3.18 for a few months (much longer than actually planned as it was meant to be a test run only) and although coming from KDE, Xfce and i3 I was quite impressed by how it performed on my Laptop.

Today a new version of the Plasma desktop environment has been released. It comes with a lot of nice improvements.