Welcome to crowbyte.org!

crowbyte.org (as well as .de/.com/.it) was launched in late 2013 as a very small and simple blog by Pierre Böckmann. After a relaunch in mid 2015 based on the page generator Nikola it is now powered by October CMS and expected to further evolve into something more - although I, the author, still have to figure out what that should be. ;)

Until then, feel free to read and discover everything of what crowbyte has to offer.

Latest articles from the Blog

No april's fool: Canonical ditches Unity 8 and switches to Gnome as default desktop for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Back to business... with a short explanation of the downtime and how the problems have been fixed.

With my last post I promised to give some more detailed information on the migration of the crowbyte website and blog as well as my plans for the future of crowbyte.org and I live up with my promise in this post.