The end of WhatApp and Facebook on BlackBerry 10

I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry Passport since more than a year now and have been extremely satisfied with this device. But the latest update of the Facebook app and the announcements around Facebook for BlackBerry 10 and WhatsApp leave me with some frustration.

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GNOME 3.20 released

Today a new major release of the Gnome desktop environment has been released. It is the first time that I announce that on my Blog because I used it on openSUSE Tumbleweed in version 3.18 for a few months (much longer than actually planned as it was meant to be a test run only) and although coming from KDE, Xfce and i3 I was quite impressed by how it performed on my Laptop.

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How to make use of MS Outlook's .pst files on Linux

A transition from Windows to Linux is not always an easy undertaking, especially when you used to get the work done with Microsoft software and saved the work into it's proprietary file formats. Outlook is no exception from that rule. But luckily their is a solution available.

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Vulkan API specifications released by Khronos Group

Yesterday the Khronos Group with participants from all segments of the graphics industry - including big players like AMD, nVidia, Samsung, Sony, Valve, Intel and many others - has anounced the availability of the first final and open specification of the Vulkan-API. It is comparable with Microsoft's Direct3D and Apple's Metal and planned as the successor to OpenGL.

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Why I prefer openSUSE over other distributions

I recently had a discussion on Facebook in the openSUSE users group at Facebook about the reasons why we prefer openSUSE over other distributions like Ubuntu.

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In der Deinen Arme

Ungeachtet all der Frühling Blüten
Warst Du müd' dem täglich’ brüten,
Der Sehnsucht nachzufolgen jenen,
Den Vermissten, den zu früh Gegangenen.

Doch bei der Erde Komm’ und Geh’n,
Hast auch Du nun Deinen Gott geseh’n
Und viele, die mir so lieb und dir so teuer -
Es brennt nicht mehr Dein Lebensfeuer.

So ist der Hinterblieb’nen Trauer nu’
Dein Eintritt in des ew’ge Garten Ruh’
Ein Trost nach all der Jahre Sehnen
Dich in der Deinen Arme zu wähnen.

for grandma
by Pierre Böckmann
Berlin, 31.07.2015