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crowbyte.org (as well as .de/.com/.it) was launched in late 2013 as a very small and simple blog by Pierre Böckmann. After a relaunch in mid 2015 based on the page generator Nikola it is now powered by October CMS and expected to further evolve into something more - although I, the author, still have to figure out what that should be. ;)

Until then, feel free to read and discover everything of what crowbyte has to offer.

Latest articles from the Blog

In Memory of Dipl. Ing. Dieter Böckmann. Happy Birthday.

2018 starts with a big chip-level bug making headlines which Google researchers already found and reported in June 2017.

Such a problem should not happen to a real pro in computer technology, but unfortunately we are only human beings. That's what made me exidentially reformate the EFI Boot Partition while installing Fedora 26 lately. And here is how to recover your Windows data on the EFI Boot Partition!