How To Recover your Windows data on the EFI Boot Partition

Such a problem should not happen to a real pro in computer technology, but unfortunately we are only human beings. That's what made me exidentially reformate the EFI Boot Partition while installing Fedora 26 lately. And here is how to recover your Windows data on the EFI Boot Partition!


You will need

  • a Windows (10) bootable USB stick or installation DVD,
  • and your EFI Boot Partition should be ok
  • as well as the partition table.

If all these things apply to your case, fixing the problem by recovering the data for your Windows install on the EFI Boot Partition becomes a one line command.

Recovering the Windows data on the EFI Boot Partition

  1. boot from your Windows install media (USB stick or DVD)
  2. press SHIFT + F10 to open up a Command Prompt
  3. make sure your Windows installation is on the C:\ volume, if not find the correct volume
  4. enter the command
    bcdboot C:\Windows
  5. enter

    and then reboot your computer

This should already be it and you should be able to chose Windows from the EFI Boot Menu.

If this did not solve your problem you should further search the internet for more instructions on how to fix the boot problem. The Recovery Mode offers an automatic repair which might be able to fix your problems fully without the need to enter anything. I for myself prefer to know what went wrong and what is done to my PC.

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