Launch of the new websites

I am proud to announce the launch of the new websites.

Over half a year passed by since my last post on the blog and I am happy to give some sign of life of and myself alike.

A lot has happened in such a long period of time.

So lets sum up the most important cornerstones since the last activities here:

  • I moved from Berlin to Schleswig Holstein due to a new job in Hamburg
  • is now reached over a secured https connection with certificates delivered by Let's Encrypt
  • moved to a way better and more performant server provided by kimsufi
  • the websites and blog are now proudly served by October CMS instead of Nikola based pre-generated HTML files

As these are a lot of changes with a lot of details behind them I will leave this list as is for now and will give you more details on a few followup articles. Be assured that this will happen in the upcoming weeks. Additionally the websites are still at a basic and early state. I am fully aware of some minor drawbacks like unfinished feature (search function, contact form, etc.) as well as some minor bugs (teaser text in English although other language was selected). I will address all this as soon as possible.

Beyond and the blog I have some more project which I did not even announce and actually had to put down until a time where I would have the time to continue work on them.

But as time goes by and things change I will use the now available spare time to evaluate each project on their own and will decide whether to continue or abandon the project.

This will take some time, but be assured that I will keep you all posted about the projects and what is generally going to happen in the future on

So, thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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