openSUSE Factory as rolling release distribution

Since a few months the openSUSE community is working on reorganizing the release schedule. Two days ago the first steps have been accomplished and announced:

openSUSE Factory is now a fully fledged and stable rolling release distribution.

This way openSUSE aims at speeding up the release process and making beta and milestone releases obsolete.

Naturaly this concept has to prove it's functionality and effects. Nonetheless I like the new concept and welcome it. I am looking forward to test drive this new rolling release distro.

Arch Linux recently gained a lot of popularity and I am eager to compare my experience with Arch to those I will make with openSUSE's approach. At least Arch Linux well known for being the best rolling release distro at the moment. Before I returned to openSUSE more than one and a half year ago Arch Linux was my main OS.


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