Piquet Jr. is the first FIA Formula E Champion

Last weekend Nelson Pique Jr., son of Nelson Piquet, a three-times Formula 1 World Champion, and himself a former Formula 1 race driver who made 28 races for the Renault Formula 1 team between 2008 and 2009, won the first driver's Championship at the Formula E.

More than one premiere

The 7th place at the end of the 11th championship race was enough for him to triumph in the title fight and made his team NEXTEV TCR to be the very first Chinese team to produce a FIA champion ever.

And it has even been a thrilling and close final with three drivers in position to win the championship. Sebastien Buemi, Lucas di Grassi and Nelson Piquet Jr. were head to head. It was up to one decisive point which seperated the lucky champion Nelson Piquet Jr. from his closed opponent Sebastien Buemi.

So my congratulations to Nelson Piquet Jr. and his team for this glorious victory and such an exciting championship.

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